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Grand Central Morning-24X36.jpg

Grand Central Morning  24x36

Afternoon Pints (16X20) #4032.jpg

Afternoon Pints  16x20

Lunch in Paris-12X16-#4225.jpg

Lunch in Paris  12x16

2- Sunday Morning, Soho-20X16-#4132.jpg

Sunday Morning, Soho  20x16

Grand Central-20X16.jpg

Grand Central  20x16

The Next Move (16X20) #3007.jpg

The Next Move 16x20

New Hope Station (16X20) #3248.jpg

New Hope Station  16x20  

Poinsettia Groves, Vero Beach (12X16) #4

Poinsettia Groves, Vero Beach  12x16

Mid Afternoon Pause (11X14) #3492.jpg

Mid Afternoon Pause 11x14

The Wine Selection-18X24- #3198.jpg

The Wine Selection  20x24

In a Culinary Mood-20X24-#3184.jpg

In a Culinary Mood 20x24 

Mid Day Martini at Bobby's (16X20) #4027

Mid Day Martini at Bobby's  16x20

Farmhouse Kitchen-20X24.jpg

Farmhouse Kitchen  20x24

Saturday Night Billiard Hall-20X24-#3330.jpg

Saturday Night Billiard Hall  20x24

White Hummingbird-11X14.jpg

White Hummingbird  11x14

Cotswold Kitchen-16X12.jpg

Cotswold Kitchen  16x12

Autumn Fox-16X20.jpg

Autumn Fox  16x20

Romeo & Juliet-12X16.jpg

Romeo & Juliet  12x16

The Red Armchair-24X20.jpg

The Red Armchair  24x20

Cardinals at Feeder-16X12.jpg

Cardinals at Feeder  16x12

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