In the Wings  12x16

Afternoon Pints  16x20

The Conductor  20x16

Saturday Night, Bernards Inn  16x20

Parisian Cafe  16x20

79th Street, NYC  24x20

Fight Night  20x24

Monday Morning Market  16x20

The Diver  16x12

The Chip Shot  16x20

Afternoon, the Loeb Boathouse  16x20

The Tag  18x18

Monet at the Museum  20x24

The Orchestra  20x24

Saratoga Summer  20x16

Brooklyn Bridge Blues  20x24

Before the Race  12x16

In a NYC Groove  24x20

Red Fox in the Fields  16x20

Redwinged Blackbird in Spring  12x16

Cardinals at Feeder  16x12

Grand Central, NYC  30x30

Jim Rodgers, 336 West Charlotte Street, Millersville, PA 17551


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