Clarke Cooke, Newport  20x24

Afternoon Pints  16x20

Summer Sundown  24x20

Grand Central Evening  20x24  

Saturday Night, Bernards Inn  16x20

Clyde's, DC  20x24

The String Section  16x20

Sunday Morning, Soho  20x16

Poinsettia Groves, Vero Beach  12x16

Low Hanging Fruit  16x20

Makers Mark  20x24

Lucky 7's  20x24

Mid Day Martini at Bobby's  16x20

Three on a Shelf  20x16

Brooklyn Bridge Blues  20x24

Red Fox in the Lane  20x24

In a Culinary Mood  20x24

The Costume Room  12x16

In a NYC Groove  24x20

Romeo & Juliet  12x16

Goldfinch  16x12

Cardinals at Feeder  16x12

Jim Rodgers, 336 West Charlotte Street, Millersville, PA 17551


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