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american landscape

White Barn in Summer-24X30-#4209.jpg

White Barn in Summer  24x30

Sultry Summer Evening (18X24) #2090.jpg

Summer Sultry Evening  18x24

March Glow-20X24-#4199.jpg

March Glow  20x24

Evening Fire-24X30.jpg

Evening Campfire  24x30

Morning Hillside-16X20-#4315.jpg

  Morning Hillside  16x20

Fishing the Juniata-24X30-#4065 120.jpg

Fishing the Juniata  24x30

Forest Stream, Bucks County-30X24-#4215.jpg

Forest Stream 30x24

Starry Night, Robert Frost's Cottage-20X24.jpg

Starry Night, Robert Frost's Cottage  20x24

Stream in the Glen-30X40.jpg

Stream in the Glen  30x40

The Great Swamp (24X30) #4009.jpg

Autumn Afternoon  24x30

Red Birds in Snow-12X16.jpg

Red Birds in Snow  12x16

Summer Day, Vermont-24X30.jpg

Summer Day, Vermont  24x30

Equinox Pond (36X48) #3534.jpg

Equinox Pond, Vermont   36x48

Dawn Breaking, Winter-24X36-#3015.jpg

Dawn Breaking, Winter  24x36

Autumn Foliage-16X20.jpg

Autumn Foliage  16x20

Late Morning, Riegelsville-24X36-#4190.jpg

Late Morning, Riegelsville  24x36

The Stables at Seaton Hac kney-24X36.jpg

The Stables at Seaton Hackney  24x36

September, Lake George (16X20) #3579.jpg

September, Lake George 16x20

Red Barn at Dawn-12X16-#4282.jpg

Red Barn at Dawn 12x16

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