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Full Moon over the Bridge-16X20.jpg


Jim Rodgers was reared in the New York metropolitan area. After short stints with several teachers at the Art Students League in NYC he set out to become a self taught maverick. His style encompasses the aggregate of all that has crossed his path. Obsessive traveling and copious amounts of plein air experience have led him to become the semi alla prima painter he is today.


Filling numerous sketch pads, miles of canvas and thousands of photos emerged a style of painting that he refers to as painterly impressionism. A fusion of classical under pinnings and an urge to express the contemporary world around him Jim has produced a unique style all to his own.


Sojourns across America and throughout Europe have created what Jim believes to be an enduring vision of the world. He feels equally comfortable in the rural countryside as well as urban environs. Poetic and philosophical are the tenets of jewel tone renderings.


You're welcome to peruse the pages of this website that contain an extensive look at landscape, still life/floral, and genre paintings.


Feel free to contact us at 717.872.2665 or email us at with any and all questions or observations.

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